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Vanessa coming from a Muslim background, had an encounter with JESUS whilst reading through a Joyce Meyer Magazine in prison.  This brought with it a life changing experience, which led her to serve God right there and then.

Obeying the instruction she received from GOD, Vanessa learned the Thai language to enable her to minister to the Thai inmates. Many came to Christ. A church was established  in prison and grew to over 400. Even though they were persecuted, their bibles being taken away and the church being dismantled by prison authorities; they continued to stand  strong in the LORD and remained faithful to HIM. GOD showed HIS intent and purpose; from the dismantled church, many other churches were established in other regions.

It was in prison that Vanessa’s love and dedication toward GOD’s Word grew. Today Vanessa  not only shares her testimony, but Ministers as well. She travels throughout the country ministering the gospel and reaches as far as Africa with her travels.

Van Goosen Liberty Ministries is the Pillar reaching Churches, Women Events, Prisons, Community Outreach Projects, Counselling to various sectors and The Youth at large. 


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Duped into unknowingly carrying books with heroin hidden in the covers, Vanessa was arrested, sentenced to death, pregnant, terrified and desperately alone in a Thai prison in Bangkok. She lost so much, having to give up her daughter as well, who was born in prison. Hatred, unforgiveness and pain plagued her with anxiety, panic attacks and depression. She gave up on life. Vanessa returned to South Africa after being in prison for sixteen and a half years, having overcome many life threatening challenges and obstacles. 

She did not allow this horrific journey to cripple her future. Today Vanessa is a Motivational Speaker, a Counsellor, an Author, has appeared on numerous local and international TV & Radio Talk Shows and is actively running Community Empowerment Projects. This setback has journeyed into a major comeback. Her testimony is a life changing must hear, bringing with it encouragment, strength, hope and brings a  tenacity to arise, and go forth doing what has been dormant for too long.

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When, she returned to South Africa, Vanessa started sharing her story on different platforms through the NGO she worked at. She began to realize and witness how many people, especially women were healed and transformed by her sharing from her heart. The feedback and victorious testimonies which flooded her inbox, was a very overwhelming experience for Vanessa, often having her break down into tears with gratitude.

She could not believe that her imprisonment and long journey of suffering and pain could now set so many others free from their personal prisons and cages which entrap and deprives from living in fullness.  It became clear to Vanessa that her painful experience for all those years was not only for her growth, but more importantly for the benefit of others. It brings Vanessa tremendous joy to see how her story helps others rise above their present predicament. This pushes her to do Motivational Talks whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Outreach Campaigns

Vanessa actively runs Community Projects in different areas in both Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. She believes that ones commitment toward others must not only be spoken words, but needs to be actioned. Hundreds of lives have been impacted and lit up with joy through these projects which include:

  • Elderly  Care Packages
  • Christmas Party Drives For Children
  • Feeding Projects
  • Shoe & Blanket Drives
  • Reach Out Missions
  • Youth Development

Vanessa, more text can be added here for institutions….schools,unversities and so on


Vanessa is often invited by churches across South Africa, as well as Africa to share her testimony and to minister at Women Events And Conferences, Women Camps as well as Mother Daughter Events and Youth Reach Out Events. 

Evangelism at Prison’s too is one of the platforms Venassa actively engages in. Her 16 and a half year journey aids her to bring encouragement, hope, direction and the message of salvation to Women who are currently incarserated. Partnered with the Evangelism at prison’s, Vanessa equips Women called to Prison Ministry to run effective Workshops at prisons. The equipping and training she provides comes with the personal experience and wisdom gained when imprisoned.


Counselling is another area  which Vanessa actively engages in. Counselling services are offered both In Person and Online to:

  •  Women
  •  Scholars
  •  School Leavers
  • Youth
  • Corporate Arena (Individuals, Groups, Departments)       

Counselling is a disarming mechanism to  areas which halt productivity and growth; This includes but is not limited to factors such as depression, wrong perceptions, low self-esteem, misunderstandings,  abuse and the like.

Vanessa counsels and walks with  many Women, who at this moment are experiencing the pain of brokenness, depression, anxiety, abuse and being used. These are all parts of the depths of darkness and turmoil she experienced at various junctions of a sixteen-and-a-half-year journey which changed the course of her life.


Vanessa, more text can be added here for institutions….schools,unversities and so on


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  • Elderly  Care Packages
  • Christmas Party Drives For Children
  • Feeding Projects
  • Shoe & Blanket Drives
  • Reach Out Missions
  • Youth Development

For any other form of assistance or contribution, kindly contact our Office on info@vgse.co.za

"A Single Step In The Right Direction, Can Take You The Distance"

-Vanessa Goosen

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