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Vanessa Goosen Strategic Empowerment Was Founded By Vanessa Goosen With The Heartbeat To 




Who We Are

Shortly after reaching the Miss South Africa Beauty Pageant semi-finals, Vanessa Goosen was innocently arrested, sentenced and served  a sentence of sixteen and a half years in a Thai prison. After tremendous difficulty,  life threatening challenges and obstacles,  it became clear to Vanessa that the prison was her training ground and leverage to put into action her heartbeat to  Equip – Empower – Elevate.  

Various initiatives, services. workshops and programmes are steered from Three Streams of Pillars to a wide range of sectors: 

From these platforms with a  stance of realness, Vanessa uses every opportunity to share the journey which brought with it many practical lessons, resilience, wisdom and understanding gained. This includes Counselling, Motivational Talks, Workshops,  Ministry, Women Targeted Events, the Women Building Women initiative, as well as programs aimed at assisting Schools,Universities and the Younger Generation at large to use obstacles as building blocks toward success. 

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Van Goosen Strategic Empowerment

Vanessa Goosen Strategic Empowerment is the Pillar through which Vanessa reaches the Corporate Sector,  Small and Medium Enterprises,Universities and Schools.

To date Vanessa has been the Key Note/Motivational Speaker at numerous Corporate Events and a spectrum of various Institutions and Sectors, sharing her story and journey; bringing to these events great success and leaving those who hear it motivated, encouraged and with determination to pursue the greatness and excellence they are well-able to achieve. This horrific experience is a life changing must hear! Vanessa  has  spoken  at  companies from the likes of Clover, Anglo American, Engersol, IBM, Grindrod Bank, Cipla, EOH, Pick & Pay, Universities, Law Firms and various other Institutions.

Having overcome many challenges, obstacles,  life-threatening conditions and situations, Vanessa has emerged a stronger person who has now embedded within her much personal experience and expertise, which adds value on an individual as well as a team level to sectors such as Corporate Companies, Small & Medium Enterprises, Universities, Schools as well as the Fashion Sector. Vanessa too hosts Workshops using the experiences and obstacles she encountered in prison, bringing to the fore principles and mechanisms to overcome  across a broad spectrum of areas.


Women Building Women

Standing on different platforms today, both big and small and seeing how sharing her story and experience brings hope and change to many lives, Vanessa realizes more and more  being Built and Restored from Within enabled her to overcome, and to be restored. It is this process of being build from within that has gifted her with the tenacity to go forth in a risen position of victory. Counselling and walking with Women confirms and proves time after time that when we as Women share our experiences, our strengths, our abilities and most importantly, it is when we walk and build together that the healing comes quicker.

Women Building Women Is A Mentorship Initiative to groom and grow Women Holistically in areas such as:

  • Overcoming & Self Development
  • Practically Dealing With Challenges
  • Personal Skill Development & Implementation
  • Business Skill Development & Sustainability



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Van Goosen Liberty Ministery

Vanessa coming from a Muslim background, had an encounter with JESUS whilst reading through a Joyce Meyer Magazine in prison.  This brought with it a life changing experience, which led her to serve God right there and then, continually growing in HIM and being mandated by GOD with various assignments.

Obeying the instruction she received from GOD, Vanessa learned the Thai language to enable her to minister to the Thai inmates. Many came to Christ. A church was established  in prison which grew to over 400. Even though they were persecuted, their bibles being taken away and the church being dismantled by prison authorities; they continued to stand  strong in the LORD and remained faithful to HIM. GOD showed HIS intent and purpose; from the dismantled church, many other churches were established in numerous other regions.

It was in prison that Vanessa’s love and dedication toward  GOD and HIS Word grew. Today Vanessa  not only shares her testimony, but Ministers as well. She travels throughout the country ministering the gospel and reaches as far as Africa with her travels.

She Ministers in Prisons, at Women Conferences, Women Camps, Youth Events at Churches, Counsels and does Mother’s Day Events with her daughter Felicia, who as mentioned, was born in prison.

Online Counselling Services

Online Counselling Services

Our Online  Services Are Available: 

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  • Google Meet

More Information and Booking Enquiries  available  at:

info@www.vgse.co.za         or on       +27 (0)65 820 5263


"Planted Seeds Produce A Harvest...
Seeds Ignored Harvests iIlusion"

Vanessa Goosen





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